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octombrie 18, 2024
4EUR – 32EUR

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Using lambda expressions

Using async/await implementation and best practices Writing

Multithreaded Mobile Applications Thread Safety and Synchronisation GC and Mono implementation SGen

iOS applications iOS development using the Xamarin toolset. It covers application fundamentals including: the Model-View-Controller pattern, creating screens and interacting with controls and providing application behavior.

Android applications Introduces you to Xamarin. Android development. In this class we will examine the tools you will use, Xamarin.Android projects, and Android fundamentals that every developer needs to know to be successful in build Android apps!

Introducing architectural patterns such as Dependency Injection, the Factory pattern, and the Service Locator pattern that you can use to loosely-couple your components in your application.

This class walks through how to use data binding in MVVMCross to connect both code and markup to model objects. We will discuss the various options available when creating and configuring bindings and how to properly utilize the system to create two-way binding scenarios.

The MVVM application architecture pattern has become popular for XAM-based environments like MVVCross. This class will introduce you to the pattern and show you how to design your applications using MVVM to provide more flexibility in data binding and a better ability to test your code.

We look at how the GC system interoperates with iOS and Android to ensure things are cleaned up and where you will run into trouble. Finally we look at some platform-specific options you can tweak to potentially improve performance.

Testing is perhaps the most important part of the development process.

Applications that frequently crash, destroy data or misbehave won’t last long on user’s devices! This session introduces the concepts of testing and then dives deeper into unit testing using the NUnit framework. Throughout the session, you will learn how to develop a set of tests to improve the quality of your applications and the specific challenges unique to mobile applications.

Data: octombrie 18, 2024
Preţ: 4EUR – 32EUR
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