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Cursul administrare Apache Tomcat – instalare, configurare, optimizare, configurare inalta disponibilitate

octombrie 23, 2024
5EUR – 40EUR


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History of Tomcat

Installation of Tomcat 8

Common problems and troubleshooting in installation

Configuration files and their usage

Configuration of Tomcat 8

DataSource configuration

Comparison of datasource for common databases


Types of deployment

Common issues in deployment, configuration and their troubleshooting

Tomcat Manager

Tomcat security permissions

Enabling Tomcat Manager

Securing Tomcat 8 for production

SSL configuration on Tomcat 8

Loggers, appenders and layouts

Types of logging in Tomcat 8

Types of log levels

Log analysis

Common problem areas for web administrators

How to troubleshoot a problem

How to obtain a thread dump

Different ways of monitoring

Monitoring setup for a web application and database server

Tomcat Manager in Tomcat 8

Monitoring in Tomcat 8

What is a cluster?

Clustering architecture

Vertical clustering in Apache Tomcat 8

Horizontal clustering in Apache Tomcat 8

Monitoring of Tomcat clustering

Data: octombrie 23, 2024
Preţ: 5EUR – 40EUR
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