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Intro in Apache Kafka (2 days course)

octombrie 23, 2026
2EUR – 16EUR

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– Producers: writing messages to Kafka

– Overview, sending a message, configuring producers

– Serializers

– partitions

– Consumers: reading from Kafka

– Overview, subscribing to topics, offsets, configuring consumers

– Deserializers

– Topics

– Keys

– Brokers

– Replication

– Storage of data: options

– Role of Zookeeper in Kafka clusters (depending on Kafka version)

– What means installing a Kafka cluster

– Producers – how to submit messages to Kafka (for examples we’ll use kafka-console-producer)

– Consumers – how to consume messages from Kafka (kafka-console-consumer) Kafka Connect for Data Movement

– What is

– Kafka streams architecture overview


– Streams API

Detalii logistice si de pret

cursul de intro Big Data) we will mostly reference with the Java API’s for producers andconsumers and although familiarity with Java is a plus, this course it’s not addressed (only )to devs thus anybody with IT background can participate. Knowledge of distributed systems/architectures is a plus.

– We will need open Internet connection throughout the course, we will run the exercises on cloud – thus is mandatory for the Internet connection to be open and


– Each participant need to have it’s own computer in order to run the hands on exercises, also the computer settings has to allow access to Google docs and

Github for getting access to presenters slides, documents, data and exercises;

– Google Chrome browser;

– For the local computers we will need a SSH client to connect to the cloud


Data: octombrie 23, 2026
Preţ: 2EUR – 16EUR
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